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Pioneer FH-X700BT Review

 If you are looking to get a high end double din car stereowith many features at a low price then I have found just what you need.  The Pioneer FH-X700BT does everything youcould imagine and it’s not over priced. So whether you need to use the CDplayer, listen to Pandora, make hands free calls, or charge up your phone thisstereo does it all.

The quality of your cars sound system is truly in your handswith the Pioneer FH-X700BT. With a 5 band graphic equalizer, high and low passfilter settings, and subwoofer control you can get your system tuned finely toyour liking. You can also customize the lighting of your unit with the multiplevariations of color patterns. With each background color the brightness isadjustable so your controls will never be to dull or to bright.

The Pioneer FH-X700BT has both a front facing aux port and afront facing sub port. Along with that it has Bluetooth streaming, hands freecalling, easy to use menu, and a super good sound. I don’t know about you, butthat is all I need in a stereo. The Bluetooth streaming on this stereo is verynice. You phone will automatically connect with the stereo when you enter yourvehicle. You don’t even have to pull your phone out of your pocket to playmusic, or even answer phone calls.

Another thing I found with the Pioneer FH-X700BT to be coolwas the light variations to different songs. The lights pulse to the beat ofthe music. The LED display is large and easy to read. If the station you arelistening to has the song data, the artist and song name will appear on the LEDdisplay. The Mixtrax feature is another pretty nifty feature. What this featuredoes is takes songs off of your device and makes a mix with them, like a DJ. Thatfeature would be pretty cool on a long car ride, if any songs are getting oldjust turn on the mixtrax feature and see what a DJ club version would soundlike. If anything you can enjoy the light show.

After thoroughly looking through reviews, this unit is definitelythe best bang for your buck. You can check out other customer reviews on Amazonby clicking here to see yourself how much people like the Pioneer FH-X700BT. Soif you want a high end double din stereo without spending an arm and a leg thanI really do suggest you get this bad boy right here.

The list price for the Pioneer FH-X700BT has a suggestedretail value set at $180. Luckily for you Amazon has it in stock for 30% lessthan that. That means you can order one today for $125.37 and that includesfree shipping. So if you want to take advantage of that great deal just clickright here. 

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