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Best Drill For Home Use. Black and Decker LDX120C

black and decker drill 2 Almost everyone uses a drill in their home at some point. Theyare very handy to have but sometimes a hassle. I have always had an old craftsman drill that you had to plug it. It was very touchy and very powerful so it was not meant for little jobs. I recently purchased the Black and DeckerLDX120C 20V cordless drill. This is by far the best drill for any job I tackle.

This bad dad is powered by a 20 volt max lithium- ion battery. The lithium- ion battery is designed to hold a long charge. They are also known to have a much longer life span compared to nicad batteries.  This drill is very light and compact so it is simple to use for anyone.

This isn’t your average drill that just has forward and reverse. This has an 11 position clutch that provides precise control for a number of different jobs. So whether you’re drilling into wood, metal, plastic,or just screw driving tasks, this is ideal for it all. This drill also has a speed control option. This allows you to do counter sinking jobs without damaging the material.

The compact and light weight design was created for easy use with less fatigue, and the ability to get into compact areas. One of the greatest features I like about this drill is the super bright LED work light. It lights up the entire work area you are drilling on. Even though its light and compact you can still get a firm grasp on this with the anti slip soft grip comfort.

This is the best drill to have around the house because it does the light jobs at ease, and tackles the tough jobs with no problems. Whether you’re hanging up picture frames or drilling through steel, this drill does it all with the 11 position clutch. Now you can pick this up at your local hardware store for about $120 and overpay. Or you can click below this here and get yours on Amazon right now for just $69.97. That is almost half off the retail value and it includes free shipping! If you want a good deal on the best drill for your  home use then click the button right below here.

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