Best PC Gaming Headset Review

When it comes to pc gaming having a high end headset is a must. With the Sennheiser PC 360 headset you can hear everything crystal clear with the crisp HI-FI sound. Imagine giving commands through a noise canceling microphone to prevent ambient noise. If you have to pause your game to hit the bathroom what would be easier than a microphone that mutes itself as soon as the boom is raised. The special design on these bad boys lets air flow through the ultra soft cushions to maintain a comfy fit. I will give you the full scoop on these headphones.


  • Amazing sound quality and a sturdy design
  • Some of the best audio positioning available on a dedicated gaming headset due to the Open Acoustic build and the large sound stage.
  • Open Acoustic design allows air to flow through the speakers to your ears, keeping your ears cool and getting rid of any gross feeling of warmth that can be caused by a closed design.
  • Superb noise cancelling microphone. Very sturdy but also pliable to adjust easily to user preference. Xbox Live chat is very clear and the mic picks up your voice without you having to yell. It does very well to also block out any unwanted noise.
  • On ear controls works surprisingly well. The volume knob can be found on the right side of the headset and will stay at the volume you put it at. The boom mic acts as the mute switch on this headset. When you flip the microphone into the upward position it will mute the microphone


Cons :

  • Although its considered to be one of the best PC gaming headset, this is one of the most expensive dedicated gaming headsets on the market
  • The microphone is huge and cannot be detached.
  • For use with any Game Console you will need an adapter


The list price on this bad dad is $299.95; Amazon has them for sale for just $209.99 with free shipping. So it all comes down to whether or not you are a true hard core gamer and need the top of the line headphones. This headset is not for everybody, especially someone looking for a cheaper headset. Amazon has a wide selection of other headsets at great prices if this one just isn’t quite right for you. So check out this pc gaming headset out now or browse others by clicking right here.

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