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Bulldog Remote Starter Security Deluxe 500B Review

Have you ever lost your car in a parking lot? Or do you wish you could unlock all of your car doors with one click? And how nice would it be to start your car without even getting in it? Well with a bulldog remote starter you can do all of that and more. Not just any though, you need  the bull dog security deluxe 500b remote starter with key less entry. The paging system on this baby has a range of ½ mile. So not only can you start your vehicle from a distance, you can unlock your doors and even open the trunk, hatch, and sliding door with this awesome device. With the car finder feature not only can you easily locate your car, but it also has a countdown meter to remind you if your time is up for parking. Another great tool on this device is you can program your vehicle to automatically start whenever the temperature drops below the pre-programmed temperature level. The device has a clear LCD screen with a vibrate mode so whenever a function is executed you will know right away. If you’re worried about installing this in your vehicle have no fear because it comes with a step by step DVD and a toll free number to speak with Bulldog technicians. Now the list price for this system is normally $155.74, but luckily you can get it on Amazon today for just $83.60 with free shipping! By now you are probably thinking this is to good to be true, so i want you to click the link i have provided to see for yourself.  So go ahead and check this bad boy out for yourself with the link I have provided for you right here.

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