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Logitech Bluetooth keyboard 920-003390 Review

Although having  a tablet pc is handy, sometimes it can get difficult to type with the onscreen keyboards. So today I would like to show you an awesome attachment for tablet pcs. It is a Logitech 920-003390 tablet keyboard. This keyboard comes with a case to protect the keyboard for when you’re on the go. The protecting case then turns into a stable stand for your device. This Logitech Bluetooth keyboard easily pairs to your device through a wireless Bluetooth signal, with a range up to 30 feet! You can also instantly control your music and videos with play, pause and volume keys at your fingertips. The list price on this is normally $69.99 but you can get this on Amazon right now for just $48.79 with free shipping! You save $21.20 just for ordering it on Amazon with free shipping. This product is rated at 4.4/5 stars. To see this product and a full list of reviews click this link here.

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