Virgin Mobile Galaxy S2 Review

 You are most likely here today because you want some more information on the Galaxy s2 that Virgin Mobile offers. First I want to say that you definitely came to the right place. After personally using this particular phone, I can tell you every single detail about it. So just read the following and I will share every pro and con on the Samsung Galaxy s2 for virgin mobile.

First I will start with the main features of the Samsung Galaxy s2. Even though virgin mobile doesn’t have 4g service everywhere, this phone has the capability if you ever stroll into an area that does. In my town I only have 3g service available, which is still super fast and I get great reception. Anyway some more features of the phone are the huge screen. The screen is 4.52” with a super AMOLED plus display. The resolution is great and the touch screen is super responsive.  The s2 comes bone stock with the Android 4.0 operating system which in my opinion is great. Between that and the 1.2 GHz processor this is one of the fastest phones I have used.

The other thing I really like about the phone is the quality of the cameras. It has the main camera which is 8 megapixels and a 1.2 megapixel front facing camera. So if you like to snap pics a lot or talk with Skype this phone is perfect for that. This phone also does have the mobile hot spot option. That does require a monthly plan if you do decide to use the hot spot feature.

I accidentally figured out a really cool feature with this phone the other day to. I had my Xbox 360 turned on and was watching a movie trailer on my Galaxy s2 and I seen a button in the top left of my phone screen.I clicked it and my phone then paired with my Xbox and played the video on my big screen TV. I then figured out that back s2 imageit was the Samsung Allshare Play feature. That feature means you can search and play videos, photos, and music files freely across many devices that support AllShare services, such as PC, TV, mobile phone, and camera.


The Samsung Galaxy S2 is very user friendly and customizable. There are many apps and widgets that come on the phone to choose from. You can then set up your home screen and side screens with apps and widgets that you find are necessary.I have been using this phone for a month now and so far it has not acted up at all and I have nothing bad to say about it. I used to personally be a Verizon Wireless customer and switched to the S2 with virgin mobile. The coverage is good and I love the phone.


So if you want a powerful prepaid Smartphone but don’t want to hurt the good ol’ wallet then this is the phone for you. The list price on the S2 is set at $249.99 but you can get a better deal on Amazon. You can order yours today for $219.99 with free shipping by simply clicking right here. 

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